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Meet our Pastor

and his family

Pastor Johnny Taylor has been Pastor of Gethsemane Baptist Church for over 35 years.

Pastor Taylor was saved in 1974 at the age of 18. From being an atheist and growing up in an abusive home, he had anger and no hope. He started dating his now wife, Freida, and she invited him to a revival service at her church. Pastor Taylor fell under conviction that night but did not go forward. He was under that conviction for two weeks, asking anyone he could "How do you know there is a God?' but he received no answers. Finally Freida told him he should speak to her brother in law who was a preacher because she knew he needed to be saved but didn't know how to tell him how he could be. So Pastor went that night and the preacher took two hours going through the Bible explaining every question Pastor had. At the end of the two hours, Pastor got on his knees and asked the Lord to save him. Pastor Johnny's life was never the same after that. Not long after he was saved, he was called to preach. Pastor Johnny and Freida were married in 1977, and after serving in different ministry capacities and attending Bible college in TN, he came here to Gethsemane!

Pastor Taylor has served here faithfully over the years, he loves the people of Gethsemane, the community and has a heart for missions! 

Pastor Johnny and Freida have 4 daughters who grew up serving the Lord together with their parents and are living for the Lord today.

Pastor Johnny preaches what he lives, from the KJV, with a tender heart and love for the Lord!

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